The Health Collaboration Challenge (HCC) is an annual University of Sydney competition that gives approximately 1,200 students the opportunity to collaborate in teams to design and present an evidence-based health care plan based on a given patient case.

The Challenge allows students to gain case management experience and teamwork skills, as well as expand their professional knowledge through working with teammates from different health disciplines and several national universities.

For the first time In 2016, Broken Hill UDRH and Lismore UDRH were invited to participate in the HCC. Because BHUDRH accept placements from over 20 national universities, all non-University of Sydney students are invited to participate in this competition.

Participation is mandatory for all University of Sydney students.

Challenge assessments

Each multidisciplinary team is comprised of 4-5 members, and is required to produce two assessments by the end of the day:

  • Assessment #1: Half-page abstract
  • Assessment #2: 5-minute video

Below are examples of videos created by previous teams.