Work experience offers Year 10 high school students an opportunity to explore a possible future career choice in health and experience a high-functioning professional healthcare environment.

Each year the BHUDRH supports approximately 20 local and regional year 10 students looking for work experience placements in Broken Hill and across Far West LHD.

There are a limited number of spaces available for work experience students in each health service. Spaces are generally limited to nursing wards and allied health units.

Students may also be required to submit an application before they are approved for a work experience placement.

Students that have secured a work experience placement are required to be fully vaccinated to NSW Health standards, and must provide a number of supporting documents before their placements can begin.

Broken Hill Health Service

In order to provide a high quality placement experience, Broken Hill Health Service (BHHS) offers work experience for local and non-local year 10 students for up to two weeks. Furthermore, numbers are capped to no more than nine placements at a time. 

In order to secure a work experience placement, students from Willyama and Broken Hill high schools are required to submit an Expression of Interest application form. Once all applications have been reviewed, applicants are notified whether they have successfully secured a work experience placement.

For students from non-Broken Hill high schools, an application may not be required.

Health services across Far West LHD

Several other health services across Far West LHD also offer local year 10 students work experience opportunities. 

If you are a parent of a student in either Balranald, Dareton, Ivanhoe, Menindee, Tibooburra, Wentworth, White Cliffs, or Wilcannia, please contact our team to discuss your placement.

Students that have secured a work experience placement will have to submit the following documentation:

  1. DOE student placement record form
  2. Birth certificate (copy only)
  3. Evidence of vaccinations (copies only)

Student placement record form

The student placement record form is usually provided by high school career counsellors. This form comes from the NSW Department of Education, and a copy can be found here.

Students completing this form must ensure they and their parent/guardian complete and sign pages 1 and 4, before submitting the form back to the BHUDRH.

Birth certificate

Students will also be required to provide a copy of their birth certificate. Students that do not have a copy of their birth certificates may apply for a copy from the following government sites:


NSW Health requires all year 10 students in a health service to be fully immunised. This is because students will be exposed to a number of viruses, and we would not want them to get sick!

Finding immunisation documentation can be time consuming and difficult, so students and parents/guardians should allow time to locate this documentation, or else apply for copies from the appropriate government agencies.

Students can obtain evidence of vaccinations from:

  • My Health Record immunisations booklet – a blue cover record book, provided to parents at the birth of a child
  •   Australian Immunisation Register statement
  • Australian Immunisation Register statement (in person) - Visit the Broken Hill Service Centre at 180 Beryl Street.
  • Australian Immunisation Register statement (over the phone) - Call 1800 653 809
  • School based vaccinations (Broken Hill only) – Call Broken Hill Health Service

For a list of vaccinations required by NSW Health, please see the NSW Health Immunisation Schedule.

Students missing any vaccinations should visit their GP or nearest primary health care worker.


If you or your child would like to secure a work experience placement, please contact Rachel Lysaght.

Rachel Lysaght

Rachel Lysaght
Education Support Officer (Nursing)