The BHUDRH supports service learning placement opportunities for speech pathology students within Broken Hill Health Service, as well as in aged care facilities.

Under the supervision of a supervisor in the health service, students will be able to offer services to members of the community who present at the time of the student's placement.

The Speech Pathology Department offers placements across the following areas:

  • Inpatients
    • Acute
    • Rehabilitation
  • Outpatients
    • Paediatrics
    • Adults

Each placement begins with an orientation covering the following:

  • Orientation to the health service
  • Cultural Awareness

The aim of this program is twofold: to offer a rewarding placement experience to speech pathology students, and to offer a much needed service to Broken Hill and surrounding regions.

Students also have the option to work with adult clients spilt across the Broken Hill Health Service (BHHS) and Aged Care facilities in Broken Hill. These placements focus on swallowing assessments and intervention with the possibility of communication experiences.

Each placement begins with teleconference discussion followed by a short orientation covering the following:

  • Town tour and visit to RFDS base
  • Discipline specific orientation (i.e. history of program, barriers to accessing service, strategies for successfully working with our elders, etc.)
  • Orientation to the health service and aged care facilities

The aim of this program is twofold- offering a rewarding placement to speech pathology students AND offer a much needed service to Broken Hill and surrounding regions.

Placement Enquiries

If you would like to find out more about a speech pathology placement in the Far West Region (Broken Hill), please contact BHUDRH Education Support Officer, Sonia McCully.

Phone: 08 8080 1200