The Simulation & Skills Centre (a.k.a. Clinical Wing) is comprised of upstairs offices and meeting areas and a downstairs simulation and skills centre, which is used weekly by students based in Broken Hill.

The BHUDRH's Clinical Wing was formally opened on the 24th of November 2012 by the Federal Minister for Health, the Honourable. Tanya Plibersek.

The key feature of the Clinical Wing is a simulation room with three ceiling-mounted cameras and two microphones for recording sessions. This is operated from a control room via a one-way window. The simulation room can be used for many purposes, ranging from high-fidelity simulation sessions to communication training with our Sim ‘family’ (the latest Laerdal Sim Man 3G, Sim Mom and Sim Baby). 

The centre also consists of a ‘skills’ room that is available for groups to practice hands-on procedures and ward-based scenarios. The focus will be as much on teamwork and group dynamics as on high-tech decision making. After each session, training groups are able to view a recording of the session in our debriefing room – a vital part of the learning experience.

Gallery: Simulations & Skills Centre (Clinical Wing)


For more information about the use of these facilities,  contact person: Laura Mallon

Phone reception: 08 8080 1200